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    Brass coil for refills is the brass tube in form of coil used for refills. A coil, in chemistry, is a tube, frequently in spiral form, used commonly to cool steam originating from a distillation and thus to condense it in liquid form. Usually it is of copper or zinc material that conducts heat easily.
    Alloy and production standard:
    C22000, C23000, C26000, C27000, C27200 (ASTM B111 or ASME SB111)
    CuZn10, CuZn15, CuZn30, CuZn36, CuZn37 (EN12451 or EN12449 or DIN)
    CZ101, CZ102, CZ106, CZ107, CZ108 (BS British Standard)
    C2200, C2300, C2600, C2700, C2720 (JIS Japanese Industrial Standards)
    Chemical composition:
    62.0≤Cu ≤91.0 ; Zn Rem
    Outside diameter range : 5mm~45mm
    Wall thickness range : 0.3mm~4mm
    Maximum weight: 45kg/coil
    Field of application:
    Brass coil for refills, with characteristics of high malleability and workability, relatively good resistance to corrosion, is generally redrawn to a smaller size of tube for refills.
    Our history:
    Guilin Lijia Metals Co., Ltd, established in 1976, is a key enterprise of copper fabrication in Guangxi, China. Our company is a modern nonferrous-metal processing enterprise engaging in manufacturing copper and copper alloy tubes/pipes/coils, rods/bars, profiles and finned tubes. Persevering in development orientation of “being special, new, exceptional and meticulous”, we have accumulated more than 40 years’manufacturing experience and held yearly capability of 16,000 tons.
    Insisting on global business strategy and worldwide marketing net, we started exporting business since 1998 and have steady market in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia.
    Our corporate culture slogans are “teamwork, perseverance, preciseness, sincerity and innovation”.Brass Coil suppliers