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    Steel is a material increasingly used in building and in households due to its many qualities and various solutions offered.

    Strength and lightness are the sensations you feel in the immediate vision from the steel structures used in projects of high architectural and engineering value; scouting around for new forms as well as the dependence on flexibility and "freedom" in the spaces increase the utilization of steel in modern construction that can decrease the overall measurements of the structures and broadening the free lights.

    The ever present need to monitor the sustainability and environmental impact both industrial processes and realized constructions, and the increasing sensitivity from designers and operators of the sector make the steel near the top of the ranking of materials used, because high recyclability. Moreover the convenience and speed of assembly on-page the prefabricated structures limit the costs of management and supper. The pliability of steel structures and prefabricated components finally enables the future chance of upgrading and renovation of spaces, extension, elevation, by means of the dismantling and subsequent reassembly and through the highest freedom within the formation of joints, supports and stiffeners available.

    The steel find thus a broad utilization in the building field, where it produces the capacity for essentially the most different and modern projects. An illustration of this are the ventilated facades. Walls that certainly excite possibly at the same time behave as real "skin" for the building, a mixture of technology and form, they could visually "lighten" the large walls, they can renovate almost any existing infill and provides architectural value even going to the less valuable building envelope. There are many usable materials including aluminum sheets and composite type as Alucobond, steel, porcelain steel, copper, cement, glass etc.. and there are also multiple varieties of individual elements forming it, such as trapezoidal or corrugated panels, extrusions, processed panels "cassette" or plans, expanded metal etc.. The appropriate planning as well as an appropriate sized the substructure of anchoring are crucial to get the effect of flatness, verticality and horizontality of the lining in the joints, as it’s very important a choice of finishing elements.

    The importance of using steel in all its various and various uses can help you shape and provide lightness to the architectural aspects of the project, necessary to the functionality and aesthetics in the entire work.

    Moreover, as we bring an earthquake, it’s universally known that this best prevention of earthquake damage is realized by maximizing the usage of steel structures. Italy for the present time may be the back marker in the construction of houses and buildings which has a metal structure. The reasons are numerous, insufficient adequate education and eating habits study school and industry. Few organizations are dealing with steel construction. The challenge for the future is this.

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