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    Product Description
    This product is a two-component acrylic polyurethane enamel, which consists of acrylic resin as basic materials, aliphatic isocyanates as curing agent. It also consists of pigment, filler, additives and organic solvent. It has the features of fast drying, high gloss, good fullness for paint film with excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, gloss and color retention, outdoor weatherability and decoration.
    Packaging: 18Kg/barrel, 2Kg/barrel
    It is used for the coating under moderate to strong corrosive environment. It is applied to the coating on metal surface under atmospheric environment like ocean, chemical, humid tropics, etc. It can be used on the defence and vehicle decorative painting in some occasions like bridge, construction, ptrifaction, ship, storage tank and so on.
    -Construction temperature is 5~40 ℃.
    -Air relative humidity is less than 80%.
    -The substrate surface humidity is 3 ℃ higher than the dew point.
    -Avoid construction in the rain, snow, fog weather.
    -Before coating the next paint, oil, condensate water, Welding splash drops and dust should be cleaned up on the surface of previous paint.
    -Recoat interval is related to the environment. If maximum recoat interval is exceeded, the surface have to be roughened to ensure the adhesion between layers.
    -Paint should be stored at low temperature, dry and ventilated indoor warehouse. Keep away from heat and avoid direct sunlight.
    -Construction workers should be required to wear labor protective gear. Construction site and storage should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. To avoid fire, fire and smoking is prohibited.
    -This product is only suitable for professional use.
    1.What’s your MOQ (min order quantity) ?
    Our MOQ is 500Kg, and we accept mixed order
    2. Sample is free?
    We offer free sample within 1 kg,you just need to pay for freight.
    3. Can we visit your factory?
    You are warmly welcomed to visit our factory,it would be our great pleasure!We are in Yanzghou city,Jiangsu province,China.Near the Yangzhou Taizhou International airport.
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