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    Water ring compressor (Corrosion-resistant material):
    Water ring compressor (Corrosion-resistant material) is a product developed by our company, which combines advanced technology of similar products abroad. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and reliable operation.It is widely used in salt chemical industry, formaldehyde, styrene, coal chemical industry, chlor-alkali and other industries.

    Water ring compressor (Corrosion-resistant material) technology specification:
    ModelCapacity(m³/h)Working pressure range(MPa G)Inlet&outlet diameter(mm)Motor power(kW)
    2LYG6006000.3~1.2100 & 80220
    2LYG7207200.3~1.2100 & 80280
    2LYG9009000.3~1.2100 & 80315
    2LYG110011000.3~1.2150 & 100400
    2LYG150015000.3~1.2200 & 150560
    2LYG250025000.3~1.2250 & 150900
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