• If you like to cycle indoors, either alone and independently or in a group setting, over a years you might find boredom setting in. Here’s a sure fire way to recharge your enthusiasm.Lance Armstrong once said, “If you knew you’re going to fall, you’d never onboard the stationary bike.” And he fell too. Cash times. Got bloody and broken in…[Read more]

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    In watching this year’s Tour de France we saw some incredible athletes setting up the performances. Moreover saw some catastrophic crashes, and cyclists with broken bones as they awoke and finished takes place. They refused to quit, a number of told their sports doctors to patch them up, allowing them to ride the next day. Many of the race…[Read more]

  • Lanzarotes reputation is beans are known a tourist haven. Thousands (mainly British) flock for the Island to pack it out its coastal towns. However if appear beyond these resorts can find hawaiian isle that is steeped ever and natural wonder as well as keen to exhibit it.Lance’s career started in Plano, Texas where his mother Linda encouraged and…[Read more]

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