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    Uni-Silent 250kgs Plastic Transport Dolly
    Product Features:
    Plastic Deck
    Made by PP and other material. Lighter, silent, gentle, anti-corrupt, skid proof. Thickened and add reinforcing rib, increase 20% capacity.
    Mute Castor
    The structure is made by Nylon and other materials. Anti-corrupt, good tenacity, unique aesthetic feeling.
    Castor Bearing
    Special 6200 and 6303 precision ball bearing, the criteria of precision bearing makes the castors more smoothly and low resistance.
    Wheel Rubber
    Natural rubber and other materials make the wheels have goods flexibility, wearproof, no drag marks. And enhance the impact resistance of the whole castor.
    Specification Sheet:
    Optional Castors:
    PLA250-DL (Natural Rubber Tyre + Nylon Bracket)
    PLA250Y-DL (Natural Rubber Tyre + Steel Bracket)
    PLA250T-DL (TPR Tyre + Steel Bracket)
    PLA250P-DL (PU Tyre + Steel Bracket)
    Product Description:
    825x500mm dolly handles a load of up to 250kgs
    Three ball-bearing swivel casters make for easy rolling in any direction
    Perfect use for workshops, schools, factory, offices, garages, and more
    Solid and durable plastic body prevents scuffing and marring to sensitive cargocheap Plastic Hand Trolley