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    Ginseal PTFE Graphite Packing with Oil
    GINSEAL PTFE packing is used in high purity and corrosion resistance is required; It is widely used in food industries, the pharmaceutical industry. GINSEAL PTFE packing has four types as follows:
    PTFE Graphited Packing

    Item no.: JSP-PT40
    PTFE Graphited Packing is is soft, with low density There are no free particles of graphite on surface and therefore no contamination can occur.
    Operating range

    p(pumps) = 25 bar, p(valves) = 100 bar,
    p(plunger pumps) = 250 bar,
    p(mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters) = 25 bar
    Sliding velocity:
    vg(pumps) = 12m/s, vg(valves) = 2 m/s,
    vg(plunger pumps) = 2 m/s ,
    vg(mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters) = 2 m/s
    Temperature: t = -75 °C … +280 °C, hot water, without cooling system:
    max. +140 °C
    Chemical resistance: pH = 0 … 14

    GINSEAL is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of black ptfe packing impregnanted graphite gfo type in China, which is equipped with a productive factory. Thanks to process improvement and professional training, we’re now able to offer quality sealing products at low price. Welcome to buy our discount products and check the pricelist with us.buy Teflon Gland Packing