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    Polyurethane continuous sealing strip casting type foaming machine incorporates a variety of advanced domestic and international experience in the design, which is a special foaming machine crafted on the basis of the continuous casting type sealing strip foaming machine. Foaming machine is foam generator, mainly to do foam cement an apparatus, from aboard. The first model is the use of high-speed rotating impeller to achieve the purpose of soap bubbles, it is also known whipping machine. Polyurethane continuous sealing strip casting type foaming machine needs to maintain, especially in spring.
    More sand in spring, components of the PU continuous sealing strip foaming machine will become dry, running becomes dull. It need butter oil to maintain. Surely, inside the machine, there can not be any impurities, otherwise it will affect the smoothness and safety of its work. So please observe butter oil regularly to see if it is clean,if dirty change in time. In winter the machine will be placed in the storehouse, so you need check if there is fault of the machine in spring. Otherwise, the operator is required for pre-service training. It can reduce the extent of damage.Full Automatic Polyurethane Sealing Strip Casting Machine Made in China